Benefits of Running

Why are there so many athletes around the world enjoy running as their sport? Let us see the benefits of running having a race. In Japan, Yokota Air Base Striders Running Club is one of the best running club in Japan. It is where the striders come to realize that running in enjoyable. It is actually one of the most active running club in the country due to its secret characteristic: a family club where anyone can be a member.

1. Runing makes you become fit

This is one of the wonders of running. Being a fit is actually a requirement to most of the activities anywhere. You can do better when you are fit. In fact, those who have fit body are regarded as strong and beautiful.

2. For entertainment

Those who are running find it as an entertainment. It is not only running to waste a time. Most of people are lazy to run. However, you will be amazed that we can patiently for more than 3 miles just to achieve our goal.

3. Running is a vent of Emotion

There are times when we feel troubled and we just find our way, that is running just to make sure that we could express what we feel rather than keeping it inside. What is more is that we shout aloud while running so that we ould really bring out what we feel.

4. Running is for body health

In reality, running could actually help our body to become strong to fight cancer. Did you know that men and women who are runner are strong? Women breasts are not also prone to breast cancer.